Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Edge is teaming up with MB Sports!

We are beyond happy to announce our newest partnership with MB Sports! MB is a small, family run inboard boat builder from Atwater, California. Established in 1993, the mission was not to be the largest boat manufacturer, but to take the time to make sure every boat is right. They take their time artfully handcrafting each boat they produce.
We recently toured the factory and were amazed at the construction techniques and design we've never seen before. Every part that goes in has a purpose to make the boating and watersports experience better. Everything just WORKS. There are no touchscreens, no automatic settings, no unproven, improperly tested electronics to fail. In fact, there's no ballast pumps! Hit a switch, and the patented sub-floor ballast tanks just gravity fill themselves in 60 seconds!.

Please check out MB for yourselves on the web.

We'll be receiving our first shipment by the end of October.

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