Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Time to step 'yo game up Player

Nixon Rubber Player watch and Wordmark Tee's in!


We didn't forget the kids. Come check out our kids wakeboards / bindings / trainer skis / and vests. Here is a quick look at what just came in!

Ronix Krush 128 w/ Luxe bindings 6 - 8.5
Ronix Viison bindings 2 - 6

More Ronix Swag

Ronix Divide bindings.
Ronix District bindings.
Ronix Mana Wakeboard.
Ronix District Wakeboard.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1260's in no time

Scoop up these Ronix One Bindings and you could be doing 1260's in no time. Be sure to also snatch up Danny Harf's Doc. - hitting our store soon.

Reed Hanson's signature wakeskate just hit our shelf in the 40" size.

Humanoid In Da House

Don't get a "flex" board - GET A HUMANOID!

Top: Humanoid Plank - Grab your wench and man the life-boats! The Plank commandeers cable parks and fires an all-out-attack on everything in range. The aggro continuous rocker will take any willing swashbuckler for a ride into the deep end. Whether your style is hitting poop decks or jibbing ship wrecks, you'll want the plank underrr your feet.

Bottom; Hunamoid Oracle - Don't let the easy going vibe fool you. Revamped and retooled for 2011, the Oracle returns with a killer instinct. Smash rails, bomb drops and drop bombs - all in a days work. Humanoid supercharges the specs, dialed in the contours, and loaded it with intelligent 'schape' goodies. The Oracle is a straight up quiver killer.

It's Go Skate Day - Say Word!?!

WORD!! - Skate gear from Deathwish, Thunder, Pig, Unit, Mini Logo, Toy Machine, Enjoi, Jessup, Independent, Speed Demon.. (the list goes on..) is in just in time for GSD

May the Liquid Force be with you

We just got in a few goodies from Liquid Force!!!
Ultra Bindings sizes 10-12 & 12-15, Witness 136 & 140, Fish 5' 3"Wakesurf, Witness Grind 144

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Women's Binding

Ladies, swing on through The Edge and check out the new Luxe bindings from Ronix and Jinx bindings from Hyperlite.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Post Holiday Needs

I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday weekend. Seems like we went from one weather extreme of 100 mph wind storm to the next extreme of 90 degrees and sunny here in Southwest Michigan. I Guess that's typical Michigan for ya eh?

If your anything like me during a long weekend, you may have dropped your phone into the lake, locked your keys in the car, or even worse - broke your sunglasses. Come on in and check out a few new frames from Von Zipper. For the dudes, we have the Skitch, Drydock, Clutch, and Mustafa, plus others. For the ladies, we have the Toots and Runaway, plus others.

So stop on in for your post holiday needs to gear up for the rest of summer. Better weather is coming!!