Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring Break Sale......

Panama, Florida, Cali, Colorado...Where are you going this spring break? Where ever your travels take you this year stop by The Edge and checkout our board shorts for $15 Ts for $5 and Sweatshirts starting at $15 bucks. Stop in and see all we have to offer for your spring break.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Grand Rapids Boatshow 2-17 - 2-21

It's that time of year again...

Come to DeVos Place in Grand Rapids this weekend to think summer.
The Edge will be there displaying all new 2010 boats from Malibu and Manitou.
Come see the revolutionary Malibu Illusion G3 Wakeboard tower, it's absolutely the best tower on the market.
The Edge and Malibu have teamed up this year to bring you absolutely stellar deals on any custom-ordered boat at the show. There has never been a better time to buy that boat of your dreams!

Malibu / Liquid Force Team Rider (oh yeah, and the best wakeboarder in the country) Phil Soven will be stopping by Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to sign autographs in our booth. Don't miss a chance to meat one of the greats!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bittersweet King Air Comp. Sunday 2/21/10

Registration Opens at 9:00 - 10:30 at the Ski School Desk
Parent signature is required if you're under 18
Registration fee is $15 per competitor
Competitor lift ticket can be purchased at the Ticket
Windows for $15, one per bib number


3 Runs, two jumps
Best score out of 100


No Inverts

Comp Starts at 11:00
cash prizes:
$50 First place
$25 Second place
$15 Third place
Skiers Intermediate - nothing over a 720
Snowboarders Intermediate - nothing over a 540
Skiers Advanced
Snowboarders Advanced
Parent signature is required if you're under 18


Awards Ceremony will follow on Wild Rose

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shoe Clearance

ALL These Shoes are $20 Off. This means they are $28 - $42.

Show Sale

ALL These Shoes are $15 Off. That means they are $27 - $58

Skate Deck Sale

Spring is getting close.

Don't pay more for a Pro Model deck after Spring comes.

Get a deck on closeout now...

All In-Stock Pro Model Decks are $45 plus FREE GRIP!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 Wakeboard Gear Already Showing up

Just In Today - 2010 Hyperlite Merek 136 and Merek Boot sz 10

You'll be spinnin 1080's in no time on Rusty Malinoski's Pro Set Up.

ALL LAST YEARS WATER GEAR IS STILL 40% OFF until 4/1/2010, so hurry in...


ummmm wear a vest. In fact, all Life Jackets are 40% Off until the end of the month...

Chad Sharpe, BS 5 Crash from Chad Sharpe on Vimeo.

By the way, this is Chad Sharpe

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Slope style Comp

Huge thanks to everyone who either showed up to ride, watch, or help out this past Sunday at Bittersweet's slope style comp. You guys make it what it is. Hopefully we can build on this, and make it better and better each year. Don't forget to stop into the ski shop and give a huge thanks to Suzie for all the prize donations, and help as well. Thanks again to all we'll see you guys soon.

Remember: Support your local proshop, without us, there won't be any of these competitions in the future!

Bittersweet Slopestyle Competition Results

WOW! Everyone threw down this year at Bittersweet's Slopestyle Comp.
Here's the results.

First off, the new scoring system worked like this- Contestants had 3 runs with 2 features per run, each feature was worth up to 25 points- or 50 points per run. Afterward, the judges throw out your worst scoring run, and total up the other two. Two perfect runs would total 100 points.
In the case of a tie, the worst run would be brought back in, that would decide place order.

Intermediate Skiers:
1st- Ryan McMullen 81 points
2nd- Jay Cook- 76 Points
3rd- Taylor Birmann 66 Points
4th- Dylan Lunsford 65 Points
5th- Geoff Simmons 64 Points
Zach Swedell 64 points (The thrown out score was lower than 5th)
Koty Hatten 63 Points
Zeke Bell- 45 Points
Jordan Erickson- 44 points
Jake Lamons- 41 Points
Nick Miller- 32 Points

Advanced Skiers:
1st Spencer Milbocker 93 Points
2nd Bryan Depauw 77 Points
3rd TJ Newington 71 Points
4th Austin Leder 55 Points

Intermediate Snowboarders:
1st Johnny Johnson- 74 Points
2nd Justn Perigo- 52 Points
3rd Cody Harris- 50 Points
4th Austin Oswalt- 49 Points
5th Derek Neimi- 42 Points
Nicole Wilson- 42 Points (The thrown out score was lower than 5th)
Charlie VanDenmark-28 Points
Alex MacCartney- 15 Points

Advanced Snowboarders:
1st Brandon Coy- 68 Points
2nd Kyle Kearns- 66 Points
3rd Brad Kearns- 64 Points
4th Mitch Schroder- 62 Points
5th James Battreal- 61 Points
John Harvey- 58 Points
Brandon Canney- 53 Points
Garrett Harris- 51 Points
Bryan Noonan- 38 points

Thanks to all who entered, and a huge thanks to Bittersweet's Park crew, who was up all night manicuring those great Jumps and Rails

Monday, February 1, 2010