Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Humanoid In Da House

Don't get a "flex" board - GET A HUMANOID!

Top: Humanoid Plank - Grab your wench and man the life-boats! The Plank commandeers cable parks and fires an all-out-attack on everything in range. The aggro continuous rocker will take any willing swashbuckler for a ride into the deep end. Whether your style is hitting poop decks or jibbing ship wrecks, you'll want the plank underrr your feet.

Bottom; Hunamoid Oracle - Don't let the easy going vibe fool you. Revamped and retooled for 2011, the Oracle returns with a killer instinct. Smash rails, bomb drops and drop bombs - all in a days work. Humanoid supercharges the specs, dialed in the contours, and loaded it with intelligent 'schape' goodies. The Oracle is a straight up quiver killer.

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