Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Malibu Wakesetter 3D-VTX

At Boatshows, this is the #1 problem facing potential Inboard boat buyers...

Dad- "I'm a slalom skier, I want the flattest sofetst wakes out there."
Son #1- "Dad is nuts, It's all about wakeboarding. I want a MASSIVE wake"
Son #2- "Yeah dad, you need to wakeboard"
Dad- "Gimme a break, I did pick up surfing, that was fun"

By now, you get the point. There is exactly ONE boat on the market that will cross over so seamlessly, the skiers will be feeling small wake nirvana, and the wakeboarders will be crying to mommy that the wake is too big.

The Wakesetter 3D VTX is that boat...

Stop By The Edge today to see this amazing multi-dicipline Machine!

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