Thursday, September 16, 2010

AXIS Positive Vibrations- Featuring Barton Lake- Vicksburg Mi

Not long ago We had the AXIS crew stop by for a little session (9hrs long) on Barton Lake, just south of the store. We did a little clinic, then got to see Randall Harris, Trevor Maur, and Daniel Walden ride.
Here's the video they filmed while here. (all of the Blue sky, sunny shots are from Barton)
There is also a great shot in this video of Randall, with all of his adoring fisherman friends onlooking. Man, they were cranky, might have been the 4000# of ballast?

Thanks guys, Feel free to stop back ANY time!

And for everyone else out there, stop by to see the AXIS A22 Wake maker for yourself

Looks like we can't embed, so here's the link

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